Keeping it interesting...

I'm trying to get ready to do the service at the care home this afternoon. But I'm really not too motivated about it, for reasons other than the fact that the last time I did a service like this the lady in the front row sat there the whole time swearing out loud.
Uh, yeah, you heard me.

"Our Father, who art in heaven,"

"G*# D*#&%"

"Hallowed be thy name."

"H*$$ S&*!"

And so on. Mostly I was able to speak louder than her and tried not to give her breathing room, and she did fall asleep halfway through the 20 min service. There are good ways to deal with these problems, but the middle of a service probably wasn't the place or time.

I don't know if that was harder to take than the fact that all the other residents who attended didn't even seem to notice.


  1. Too funny, see that is why I make Peggy sit near the back, so you don't hear her talking like a sailor, I think Marc does the same because of the Dixie Chick.

  2. You know there are times I wish I had never introduced my husband to the world of blogs.

    He has such a smart mouth on him.

  3. About 25 yrs ago at Cdn. Bib. Col., an acquaintance was speaking at Pioneer Vill in Regina. He was speaking loud to try and wake an elderly man who looked like he was sleeping. Actually he passed in the middle of the chapel serive.

  4. Good one, Trevor! Funny stuff...

  5. I would say the black and white one, for sure.


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