ebb and flow

I think the stillness of this space during the previous week has more to do with catching up from a very busy autumn, travel and ministry wise, than it does anything else.

Sunday we prepared a contemplative prayer service for the start of our week of prayer, then we went out and cheered at a great Grey Cup party we participated in, over here.

Today we got some hard news about our finances that is definitely sobering. It will take some considerable time to bounce back from where we are at. Mostly about this summer and autumn costing us more to live than normally. We already made adjustments a while ago, but now we need to erase debt again. The ebb and flow of life I guess, but it is discouraging. Another opportunity to learn lessons and grow.

On the other hand, Hillary seems to be doing well in Saskatoon and in her spirit. That"s deeply encouraging. And Johanna, over in Switzerland seems to have gone silent. That must only mean that “The Boy”? has arrived and she"s only interested in looking at him and not some computer screen.

By the notes she sent me, they will be off into Europe in a day or so, I believe the first stop is Zurich.»? I hope they have an amazing couple of weeks together. Enough to last her till next summer at least.

So, today"s kind of been a quiet, sober day around here. Not despairing, not lost, but just a bigger mountain to climb and full of confidence in God"s ability to provide.

Blessings on ya.


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  1. Just to say, we're still standing with you two.

    With love.


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