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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
In any given job there are days in which you simply don"t wish to get out of bed to greet the day.
You may be a plumber, a teacher, sell Avon, coffee, used clothing or electrical parts. You might lead a company, paint pictures, or cut people open, as a Surgeon or a killer. Whatever you do, there are just the days that you dread, for whatever reasons.

So too does this happen to the pastor. And today is such a day.

After a late and sleepless night, probably due to the fact that today would be A Day Like This, the morning bell at 6 am rang early, and here I am trying to coax myself gently into the day.

It"s not the normal stuff of the day that is hard today. The early prayer time will be ok and the small group in the evening will be good, if I"m still awake by then. But between the two I"ll be planning worship for Sunday, and reading a long past due homework book. Taking an online class, starting to prepare Sundays sermon, complete the responsibilities that came out of last nights Council meeting, and marry a couple.

Yes, I did just say that. Marry a couple.

It will be a very small affair, and held in my office. The bride will wear her work clothes and the groom a shirt and jeans - they"ve instructed me to wear the same, so I am.

This isn"t normally the way I do things, but for reasons I won"t go into I"ve decided that this is something I should do. So I will. Even though its not the best way to do it.

In fact, when people make choices that rob life of it"s joy and pleasure it"s a sad thing to me. They could have it so much better, but choices are made for now and you grab any joy out of life that you can grab, in the short term.

No, they aren"t pregnant, and in fact they are older than I am. But life hasn"t always been easy for them either.

So today I will make the best decision I can make to join these two in this holy union called marriage.

And the day will go on to be one of “those days.”?

Feels like it anyway.


  1. I`ve already been praying for you, son. God sees your load and will help you. As your mother, I am asking "Are you taking your vitamins ?" Mom

  2. Way to go Mom!

    And yes we are thinking of you as well

  3. And as you begin the "Dearly Beloved," the choirs of angels will gather and begin the sing, God's light shall shine upon you and the couple, He will pray with you and bless you all... and when they recite their vows (this always gets me because I did it) God will remind them of the vows and promises they make to each other ... I do - I do ...

    Then God will seal those vows in an unbroken sign of love and bind them together with the strongest of spiritual glue, and when it is all over we shall all say



  4. Amen.

    Maybe if you didn't live so far away, you could have done the wedding Jeremy!!


  5. I just fancy myself a wanabe preacher... You know they ask me what I want to do with a degree in religion, I don't know... But May is coming quickly!!!

    All I need is some Theology and a Masters of Div...


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