2006 in Pictures

Sunday, December 24, 2006
I've taken some of my pictures from 2006, put them in chronological order, and added some music to them.

Most of the images are only important to me, but you might see yourself in the movie.

So, mostly for me, but you can get a look at it too.

It's over at Google for now. You can see it here.


  1. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. I have enjoyed your blog this year!

  2. I watched the slideshow on Christmas Eve. Great pictures. The music was great too -- the second song was very moving. You have a great way of capturing humanity.

  3. for the record I wasn't crying when I left on the plane.

    I cried the night before, and I probably cried the night after I got there, but not at the airport.

    your pictures are very deceptive.

  4. Boy, I don't remember saying you cried!

    But thanks for clarifying the history, just for the record.



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