Looks like she made it

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Well, we have picture proof that Johanna has made it to England for Christmas, and as much as she likes having her picture taken, I'm glad Toni and Chris were able to get her in at least one.

So, apart from Micah being up most of the night because he missed his sister, and us missing her at Christmas for the first time ever, we will survive and it will be ok.

Merry Christmas Johanna, we miss you, and I guess we'll have one less bowl under the tree this year.

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  1. Hey Johanna,
    I was just checkin' out the famil blog and saw this picture of you and update. The green glow you are sensing is my overwhelming struggle with envy. You are in the midst of a wonderful, perspective-changing/shaping experience. Savor it for all that it is worth. You will come back a person with even more depth and breadth than you had before. From the Slechtas in Strathmore...we're proud of you.


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