365 Days of Accomplishment

Sunday, December 31, 2006
Last night as I sat here on the couch in my tee-shirt and boxers, my mind started wondering through the past year. I was a bit surprised to see the different things that felt completed in my life. Things that feel like they are accomplished.

Things like my work on the CBC Board. Feels like this year, though it was really tough, we were able to get to a place that I guess I was feeling we needed to be. Feels accomplished.

Then there is this space. Randallfriesen.com. Only one threat of legal action, and a couple of interviews, from the Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Wrote a couple of good pieces and lots of mundane stuff. Getting more things published feels accomplished. Also, a highlight to the year which started as a result of this space was when Chris and Toni came to visit us, all the way from the UK. That alone proved to me the value the Internet and blogging can have.

Then at my place of work. This year I"ve probably been free to lead like I haven"t been for the previous 7 years I"ve been here. We"ve been able to change the leadership structure of the church so that the structure is our servant and a good tool, rather than a demanding taskmaster that wouldn"t let us work in our areas of strengths. To that end we have good people in leadership and that"s partly a result of the change in structure too. We"ve begun to understand stewardship in ways that are good and challenge us. We"ve given more to care and ministry opportunities than we have in previous years. We saw the two young men finally arrive as refugees from the Congo, after working and waiting through 7 years of red tape.

I"m enrolled in a course which is something I"ve been interested in pursuing for many years. Spiritual Direction. Being back in school is a formidable thing too. I"m stretching and my mind and spirit are growing. I"m learning new ways to pray and to listen. Deep internal spiritual work is happening inside of me. Accomplishment.

In our home, Lauralea and I have released our two daughters into the world, having done our best at raising and loving them as parents. There is a profound sense of accomplishment in that, and in how well they are doing out there. The shift has happened and we are done with that part of our lives. Now they have the keys to their lives and are free to make their way out there. Thomas got his drivers license and a job, and Micah is in grade seven. Both are growing into young men and both are considerable accomplishments too!

And of course dad died this summer. His days on this earth were accomplished as well, and he made it through to the end in a moving and faithful way.

I can"t remember another time in recent years when so many things have been completed.
Makes me pleased because honestly, there"s been so much stress in this year too. Now I get why I"ve been stressed.

365 Days of Accomplishment.

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