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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Well, yesterday afternoon in a fit of holiday nothing-to-do-ness, we endeavoured to play a game of Stock ticker. We were inspired by Marc and Dixie's New Years Eve game of the same.

I don't know why we let Micah play the game, he seemed to love hoarding his cash much more than investing it. And he made the classic beginners mistake of using his starting funds to purchase a lot of one or two stocks, rather than spreading it over 5 or 6 different stocks.

Well, we played for four hours and we were getting into the tens of thousands of stocks and we were getting hungry so we started to tally up our winnings.

And, Mr. Money hoarder won the game.

Go figure, new guys luck I guess.

But hey, we might have us a financial genius here.

I just won't hold my breath.


  1. Hooray for Stock Ticker! (I won on New Year's Eve, by the way, even though I had said I was resigned to losing.)

  2. (But Marc only won by about $500.)

    I think Marc and I like to play Stock Ticker b/c in the real world our money is handled Micah's way.

  3. Yes, but I WON!


    I say we have a big Stock Ticker tournament. Pick a day, say a Saturday. Start at 9a.m. Bring snacks. Break for lunch. Back to playing until 4 or 5.

    Or maybe we could play until the last man standing.


  4. Yes but is it for REAL money.........


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