5 Things

This “5 things about me”? meme is going around the net lately. Lauralea did it and said I should do one too.
So here we go.

1. I am kneeshakingly, cry like a baby, scared of heights.
Yet in spite of that, I have flown an airplane, ridden in a hot air balloon, been to the top of the CN Tower and the Sears Tower a number of times. Hey, I choose to face my fears. But I am still afraid of heights.

2. I interupted the Rt. Hon. John G. Diefenbaker"s funeral procession.
I wanted to get a better shot of Pierre Trudeau, and Joe Clark as they came around a corner walking in front of the casket so I dashed out of the crowd between the guards and the dignitaries, to cross the street. I hadn"t realized what I had done but everyone froze, and a few a few of the police jumped out towards me, then they relaxed and let me go.

3. I have been nearly killed a number of times.
I pushed a scaffold into a power line, pushing again and again not sure what was stopping it, till I happened to look up. As I instantly let go of it, it arced and shut down power to the block.
I also was nearly in a very bad highspeed, semi-truck involved accident. I ended up doing some one handed driving that I just can"t explain. To this day.
A couple of other near death experiences have convinced me that I am living on someone else"s time table here.

4. I and a friend once drove from Sexsmith, Northern Alberta, to Aylmer, Southwestern Ontario. It took 60 hours straight and I drove the last 4 hours alone. Then a week later we did it again on the return trip.

5. I was once upon a time able to stack 60 pennies on my raised elbow, bring my hand down fast and catch every penny before they hit the ground.

5 small secrets of my life.
I"ll save the big ones for a slow news day.


  1. Wow, 60 pennies is really impressive. I never was able to catch more than 50.

  2. Lame? Catching pennies off one's elbow is a very cool skill. And 50 ain't half bad. Of course it's been years since I've trained regularly ...


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