On how Sobey's make me feel emasculated

Monday, December 18, 2006
Lauralea and I went to Sobey's today to get some groceries for the week. I was pushing the cart and Lauralea and I were both watching for the things that were on our list. We would add them to the cart as we saw them on the shelves.

Let the reader understand that I was well able to push the semi filled cart without having to breath heavy or cause strain to my person.

Then we went to the checkout, and the cashier started to do her work. She was friendly enough, but called over a bagperson (as opposed to a bagboy which may seem in this day and age, somewhat sexist.)

The guy started to bag the items, and instead of placing the bags back in my cart, he began to place them in his own cart. Right there in front of me and my lifemate, without asking if I would like him to carry out the bags, he assumed and placed them in his cart.

This left me standing there holding the handle of my own empty cart, and the implication in the air that I am surely unable to push my own cart to the car. That just ticks me off.
I always do my own cart pushing, but instead this guy and store policy demanded I stand there with an empty cart, watch him fill his cart with my groceries, then follow behind him like some eunuch while he does my job, all in front of my wife.

Usually at other places I am asked if I would like carry out service, but for some reason I'm never asked at this store, especially when my wife is with me it seems.

All I'm asking for is choice, an option. "Will that be emasculated or non-emasculated sir?" would be a great place to start.

Then I can make up my own mind.
/end rant


  1. LOL!

    For some reason I can see this turning into a Seinfeld episode. I'm imagining George yelling something about "Can you believe this?! They didn't even ask me if I wanted carry out!"

    You didn't say anything?

  2. Even as a woman, I rarely wish to have my cart taken out for me. I always politely, and very friendly state. "Thank you, but I can carry out my own groceries". Sometimes that isn't even enough though. I realize that everyone has to do a job, and I appreciate that I don't have to bag my groceries, but I don't enjoy having people place my groceries in my car. ( I know that is a little odd)
    All this to say, I sympathize with you, but anyone in that store who saw you with your empty cart, will know what occured.

  3. My understanding of store policy is that they provide that service for seniors only.

  4. I always feel a bit strange pushing my empty cart to the door. And then I always wonder if the push cart guy expects a tip - sort of like a bellboy at a hotel.

  5. at sobey's here, the carry-out service seems to be part of their service to all customers unless it's refused actively by the customer...i think they think that people do not want to carry out their own groceries, and that it is a favorable thing to have the store employee do it for you.

  6. That was a great rant. Rock on Randall, take it to the "man" (or in this case "bagperson").

  7. I read an article that said customer service has gone the way of the dinosaur...apparently at Sobey's, that's not true.

    The times I have been to Sobey's they have asked if I wanted grocery delivery to my car. I usually point to Colin and tell them "I brought my own". :)

  8. hi there - i'm a new reader because of the 650 Talk Radio plug and wanted to add here that I think Sobey's does this for a very good reason:

    it's to maintain a clear parking lot (no abandoned shopping carts, which they have to send employees out to get anyway). It's actually quite smart: customers view it as service, Sobey's keeps their parking lot free of carts.

    I suppose they are not counting on the emasculation side effect, though I am frequently surprised at the number of things that some men find emasculating. This policy may be uncomfortable for some people. But emasculating? Your wife knows you can push the cart. I can push the cart too.

    So chin up, oh masculine manly man!

  9. :)

    cause I don't have an emoticon for an upturned chin.


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