Pictures from the party

Saturday, December 16, 2006
I put them in a video format and added a little tune.
Remember they are from a webcam, thus the quality.

If you can't see the player below, just go to this link to see it.

and thanks for coming.


  1. I really enjoyed peeking at the cam for a few minutes here and there. That was great Randall. Art one point the picture looked like one of your guests was doing an armpit sniff. I found that very funny. What a great bowl of nacho cheese.

  2. Hey 2 offspring and 1 spouse picture with not one picture of me. I count myself blessed to have missed the friesencam

  3. Oops that was really me that posted the above comment

  4. Hey - what a hoot! It's fun to see familiar faces! And some new ones on there.

  5. Fun to see folks known and some unknown. Ditto to Jay's comment on the mother of all nacho cheese bowls.

  6. The jungle music really adds to the party atmosphere.


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