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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Well, Thomas and I started shovelling last night at 10:30. By 11:30 we gave up because it was getting cold out.
So this morning I didn't have to work for hours to get out.

But the church lot, well that's a different story.

The snow is, in some places, between one and two feet deep, and hard enough to walk on top of! I nearly got stuck, twice. But I made it out.

The roads are getting cleared and the sun is high and shinning nicely, hard to believe only 24 hours since the worst blizzard since 1952. But just step outside and the -28C will remind you pretty quickly.

Some pretty dramatic stories getting out today;

It was a night of dramatic rescues for Saskatoon emergency crews Wednesday, as one of the worst blizzards in years paralyzed the city and left hundreds of people stranded at the airport, at businesses and in cars.

"It's by far the worst storm I've ever seen here," said Saskatoon Environment Canada meteorologist Larry Flysak.

For the first time in memory, city firefighters and ambulance crews were using snowmobiles, borrowed from a local dealership, to get to people trapped in snowbound vehicles.

One couple from Quebec was particularly grateful when firefighters found them seven kilometres outside the city on Highway 16.

They had been stuck in the ditch for about seven hours and had been keeping the engine running to stay warm. However, the car had run out of gas by the time they were rescued.

Flights were cancelled at the Saskatoon airport and the visibility was so bad about 350 people had to stay inside.

One woman in her car got lost in the parking lot. She phoned people in the terminal who were able to locate her and bring her inside.

About 50 people were stranded in a Saskatoon Wal-Mart until the storm lightened up early Thursday. Staff set up air mattresses so the refugees from the storm could get some sleep.

"We had food and beverages and stuff like that, so it wasn't too bad," store manager Sheldon Thurston said.

And, some stories are still being written.

RCMP have asked for help in locating a woman, whose overturned vehicle was found this morning, in a snowbank. They could not find her at the scene. She's out there, somewhere.

Police have located the lost woman. She was found dead only 300 metres from a friend's house.

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