Hot time in the old town, next week. Maybe.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
So, the boys are off tomorrow to some youth retreat in the Hinterlands of Norquay Saskatchewan. (think desolate prairie town, cut the population in half, twice, there, that's Norquay. And yes, your guess why is as good as mine.)

Anyway, you know what that means don't you? A house with no children in it. (Yeah, I can count the times that has happened in the last 19 years on one hand.)

So, hot time in the old bungalow this weekend, right?


Lauralea has the flu, though she's carrying on around here like she isn't sick. Mainly because tomorrow I'm also going to Saskatoon for meetings and she wants to go too.
Then, Saturday I have some meetings.

Then, Sunday is our Potluck and annual meeting.

And right about then, the guys return home.

A guy just can't get a break.


  1. The reason why they are coming is because it is going to be sweet!!!




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