Friday, January 26, 2007
Alright let's face it, I change template designs like some people change underwear.»? Well ok maybe that isn't a great comparison cause some guys change their underwear once a year, but it is true that I've tried many things in this space and it's probably because I have a creative streak and I can't paint or write nice mellow Kumbya worship tunes.

But, I can mess with webdesign.

So, in honour of history and creativity and all that jazz, I present some of my "Looks" over the past couple of years.

Click to enlarge.

Each one my baby, each one with it's own distinctives, each one loved exactly the same.

But, truth be told, I think I loved the last one the best.

Sigh, where are ye now you olde Coldfusion designs.


  1. That was fun. Did you just happen to keep a picture of each page for the memories, or is there some kind of magic archive somewhere that stores all these things?

  2. I kept copies of all the templates.

    Weird but Fun for days like this.


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