Little Mosque on the Prairie

Thursday, January 04, 2007
This program is starting to get some serious buzz.

TORONTO ”? American newswoman Paula Zahn and a crew from CNN visited the set of the CBC"s “Little Mosque on the Prairie”? Wednesday ahead of the TV show"s premiere next Tuesday.

A CBC publicist says Zahn was on the show"s temporary set in west-end Toronto for a story she"s working on for the cable news giant about “Little Mosque,”? the brainchild of Zarqa Nawaz, a Muslim filmmaker and mother of four who has
lived in Saskatchewan for 10 years.

CNN will run a small segment on “Paula Zahn Now”? today at 8 p.m., just hours after “Little Mosque”? publicists hand out more 100 kilograms of free halal chickens in downtown Toronto to promote the show.

“Little Mosque on the Prairie,”? a comedy about Muslims trying to interact with their small-town neighbours in a fictional Canadian prairie town called Mercy, has been receiving the kind of advance buzz that most publicity departments only dream about.

The CBC is so pumped by the attention the show started getting ”? largely on the strength of its title and premise ”? hat it decided to premiere it this month instead of waiting until next fall. That meant the show"s production crew had to move into overdrive to get the initial episodes ready for broadcast.


  1. I saw the commercial with the two curling teams competing against each other -- Muslim vs. Prairie. Too funny!

  2. I'm looking forward to it.

    Sounds like something the BBC would do.

  3. I'm a little peeved that they moved production away from Saskatchewan, but CNN wouldn't have visited if it were here.

  4. i just saw the first episode, i find it hilarious, can't wait for next week. it is great fun to watch!


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