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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
For my classwork this week, a part of the assignment is this;

Make a list of 100 things you want to do before you die. But listen to these instructions: Let your imagination run free. Allow yourself to repeat some items. Postpone the question, “Do I really want this?”? and don"t worry about the practicality of some of your desires.

After number 1. Go down to Pennsylvania and try to eat the worlds biggest 15-pound burger, I got nothing.

I understand the reasoning for the question, and I'm not expected to come up with 100, but I tell you this is more difficult than one might think.

...Freedom to do what you would like to do. Freedom to even explore making a list. Freedom to let my imagination run free...

I haven't let anything run free for a long long time.

What would be on your list? (I won't steal them or anything. Well unless they're good ones!)


  1. For me the first that comes to mind is take a ride in a hot air balloon. I think that would be very cool.

  2. Sing all of the songs from "The Sound of Music" with Julie Andrews in the Austrian the mountains. (This has been my dream since I was about 10 years old -- as a child I kind of wanted to get an incurable disease so I could do that "last wish/dream" thing and sing with Julie Andrews.)

  3. I'd like to know if there's a smaller 15lb burger anywhere? ;-)

    This is a silly wish-list right, so we're invincible and anything is possible?

    Share stages with Clapton, Wishbone Ash and Santana.

    Get with a regularly gigging band.

    Have sex with my wife in all sorts of interesting out-of-doors places.

    Race cars and motorcycles

    Study, then become an artist/photographer full time

    Scuba dive a bunch of reefs

    Take a year out to learn amplifier building.

    Make some guitars - GOOD guitars.

    Go plant a church somewhere. AND see it grow successfully.

    Then plant another one.

    Move to another country.

    Have lots more good sex with my wife.


    Learn to make wine in Italy

    Learn how to farm olives in Greece

    Learn to Ski

    Tour Europe for 2 years in a mobile home

    Learn German and French

    Motorcycle across America

    Cycle across France and Spain

    Learn woodcarving in Austria

    Set up a garage repairing Citroen 2CVs in the Pyrenees (I know the very spot).

    At the age of 45 1/2 there are only a few of those I can accomplish. I leave you to guess which ones I'm most likely to fulfill. :-)

    Swap it all for my daughter back.

  4. I did not actually get all the way to 100 on my list but I figured 65 was a good attempt.

    I had lots of serious stuff on my list but some of the fun things that I would like to do - learn to blow glass
    - learn to enamel tin
    - learn to handle an oxyacetylene torch and weld
    - get really good at playing my string bass
    - snorkel again in warm tropical water
    - go whale watching in the Gulf of the St Laurence
    - do another vacation in a cottage on the Oregon coast
    - paint or write something really good
    - become a really good dancer
    - build a home in the country beside a pond surrounded by forest
    - be a fun person for my grandchildren to visit
    - always have fresh flowers somewhere in my house
    - never get too old to have a good time and keep a sense of humor
    - open a Jazz cafe and host live performances
    - actually be able to retire and do all these fun things
    - be able to afford to do them when I retire

  5. I like a couple of Toni's. One that I'll steal...race Nascar. That would be awesome!

  6. By the looks of things this doesn't have to be an entirely realistic list. Here are some of mine:

    »? travel the UK
    »? visit The Eagle & Child in Oxford
    »? travel Italy
    »? travel Greece
    »? travel the Holy Land
    »? live in Italy (in Tuscany, perhaps)
    »? live in Greece (on the Mediterranean)
    »? learn fingerstyle guitar, a la Chet Atkins
    »? I like Toni's marriage-related items and will steal them for my marriage and my list
    »? Play in a folk/rock band
    »? Play concert piano
    »? hike the Appalachian Trail
    »? road trip across Canada---coast to coast on the #1 and then up into some of the more remote areas
    »? hike/bike the TransCanada trail once it's finished
    »? road trip throughout the continental U.S. (all the continental states)
    »? live on an acreage and write
    »? write something
    »? own a shop of some kind (coffee shop, book shop)
    »? go to seminary
    »? audit a variety of university classes
    »? catch up on my personal library
    »? become a better person
    »? become more motivated
    »? become more decisive
    »? perform
    »? live in a small town and work at a small town business
    »? live in a character home (farm style home)
    »? work from home
    »? be a career writer --- or write one phenomenal bestseller and live off of the proceeds and do some of the other things on this list
    »? develop some level of patience to just sit and watch and/or listen
    »? treeplant again for a couple of days with the old crew

    And so on and so forth. Maybe I should do this on my own blog. It's fun!

  7. -visit Carol
    -visit Malcolm
    -have a child
    -quit my job, go back to school and become a youth pastor...yes, a youth pastor
    -sing in a worship band every day.....a good one, with people I can blend with
    -sing Handel's Messiah
    -fall in love, with the help of Jesus, not my own determination
    -lay on a beach and not care about anything (on a hot beach)
    -before I die? get the courage to visit my father's grave.....and talk to him there.

  8. -Fly to space (as the pilot)
    -Go to the moon
    -Go to Mars
    -Eat an entire pie in one sitting
    -Go to an elegant restaurant that charges way too much and order their most expensive bottle of wine
    -Fly with a jetpack
    -Skydive (+free fall)
    -Mountain bike through BC and some of the islands
    -Body build
    -Play bass in a jazz band
    -Play guitar in any band
    -Play the drums
    -Go to bed early
    -Sleep in
    -Get that tattoo I've drawn up
    -Drive a lambourghini
    -Pay off my mortgage
    -See the pyramids in person
    -Be on The Price Is Right
    -Ride my bike across Canada
    -Sleep in a hammock in the middle of the day
    -Wear sandals to work
    -Go to Dubai
    -Buy a jet
    -Have a white picket fence (that doesn't seem tacky)
    -Weigh 200 pounds
    -Run in the Boston Marathon
    -Be on The Amazing Race
    -Complete a Triathalon
    -Eat a hot dog from a street vendor in New York
    -See the Forbidden City
    -See the Eifel Tower
    -See the Great Wall of China
    -See Stone Henge
    -See the Great Barrier Reef
    -Live in a submarine
    -Go on the Superman rollercoaster
    -Order a Martini, shaken, not stirred
    -Climb a palm tree
    -Eat fruit I've never eaten before
    -Do the splits without ending up in the hospital
    -See ACDC live

    This is kind of cool. I think I am going to make a serious effort at doing these things.

  9. Wow.

    You guys have been holding out on me!!

  10. Wow by contrast my list seems so simple, get married.

  11. - be a stay-at-home mom
    - learn to swim really well
    - sky dive
    - fly a helicopter
    - camp with unlimited time up the coast of California
    - take a month just to be, have coffee, make and keep good friends
    - travel everywhere except maybe the north
    - adopt a couple more kids
    - travel with someone who likes to do crazy, fun things and laugh
    - live by the water in a rustic, no-frills place that is warm and cozy and have my canoe ready any time I want to paddle or fish.
    - relive fun times as a kid at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin
    - play basketball really well
    - be a long distance runner
    - live with less stress and anger, be competent but easygoing
    - live to see my kids be content in their adulthood
    - be a fun grandma, take them camping, continue the tradition

  12. Do you have any idea what kind of perspective this offers about those around you/us? Wow, I am amazed.
    I barely thought of 3 let alone 100. Let's see,

    live on the Isles of Scilly, again
    go to a Dream Theater concert
    play piano alongside Jordan Rudess (alright I wouldn't exactly PLAY)

    I'm sure there are more...


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