Oh Global Warming, why does't thou tarry?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007
This morning as I was leaving the house shortly after 7:30 am, I had a second thought and checked the weather on TV.
It was like getting hit over the head with a frozen salmon.

WHAT? Minus 25C? and a Blizzard warning in effect? I hadn't heard about that! And to add insult to injury it looks as if it's going down into the -30's later on this week. What happened to that global warming everybody's on about?

Karp, peer karp.

It looks like winter is arriving children, so you'll need to take care of those things.

You'll need a head covering, (Which is biblical, at least for the women...) and probably long underwear if you are walking anywhere. Bring some good mits along and have a way to cover your face.

And for petes sake don't wear some hole-y runners in this weather. If you can help it.

Just do your best, and be careful and think ahead. We've done this before, just not this winter yet.

Here we go.

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  1. mmm...it's supposed to be 15' above tomorrow...


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