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Thursday, February 08, 2007

1967 - 2007

I couldn't think there would be a day in which I would publish a post with the title this one has, but here it is.
I wasn't a fan, nor did I follow her life closely, but it seemed that every time she was in the news it was because of another bad decision she had made.

Seems to be a really sad story on how not to live a life.


  1. I actually always wondered why she had the celebrity status she had. She was extremely talented or smart and it just seemed weird that the thing that seemed to make her famous was the fact that she married a rich old man and fought with his kids over the money.
    Having said that it does seem sad that she never quite found a way to get it together as well as how it affected her chidlren.

  2. She was also (according to the news) Playboy Playmate of the Year in the '93 and subsequently became a major Guess model.

    But generally celebrity is a very bizarre concept, isn't it? Why is her death any more newsworthy than anyone else's?

  3. Celebrity is indeed a very bizarre concept. Who gets it and why they do is not a question easily answered.

    More newsworthy? I'm not sure it is.

    More surprising, more sad? Maybe.

    Because she died at 40, and maybe because her celebrity seemed built on mistakes and personal failures. Her celebrity grew the more bizarre her actions became. And people love looking at a car wreck.

    She seemed to spend her life trying to fill a gap, with men or children or money or excess.

    Doesn't appear that she ever found what she was looking for.

  4. Yeah, I know what you're saying.

    In case there was any confusion, I wasn't referring to your post with my "newsworthy" question, but to the broader celebrity culture. It makes no sense to me. Her death 'interesting' newsworthy, of course, because she was already a celebrity. But why was she such in the first place? Bizarre.

    But now I'm beginning to repeat myself repeat myself.


  5. They suspect drugs, so, is't it acoincidencethat like M. Monroe she might have died a similar way? She did pattern herself after the beautiful blonde Marilyn. So sad. Where is her soul today? Too late to pray for her now.however what's to stop us from praying for her child?


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