At least I haven't given up McDonalds for lent

Saturday, February 24, 2007
I think we are finally ready for tomorrow. And it's a good thing cause I. Am. Done for.

Been here at the office a long time. Around noon Micah called to ask if he could have a sprite for lunch. I said yes. Then around 6 I MSN'ed the boys off to McDonalds to scrounge some supper. Now I'm going to go scrounge a bit myself.

I think this proves one thing, that I would make a real crappy single-parent.

(Lauralea is at the ladies retreat all weekend.)

So I'm grateful that I made good choices, or my spouse didn't die or turn into an axe murder, or God blessed me, or I that I'm scared of her, whatever the reasons I'm still married.

On days like this, I'm glad that I am still married to the mother of my kids, and that she's a stay at home mom. A Hinterland Who's Who of parenting.



P.S. Hey, tomorrow's the First Sunday in Lent. Why not celebrate by getting yourself off to a church!


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  1. I hear you, man. I don't like it when them missus is away!


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