Doing the Linux Happy Dance of Joy

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Finally finally finally, after trying on and off for over a week, I am connected to the Internet via WiFi on my laptop, running OpenSuse.

What a bugger to figure out. Turned out I needed the firmware to be in the right file. But first I needed to learn what Firmware was, and how to operate from root.

Anyway, Woo Hoo and do a dance with a 43 year old semi-nerd who just beat the Linux that was beating me.

Sweet Day of Victory.


  1. yippeeeeeeee

    well done that man,

    now can you tell me how to get my dvd read/writer working again on my desktop running windows xp. (it's just not being seen by the OS)

  2. I'm really happy for you brother............

  3. Again, after hearing what you just said Randall, and understanding that I too would need to learn what you learned I'm a bit more afraid of trying Linux.

  4. Ian:

    I had this problem on a church computer last week. What I did was to do a restore of a previous point in time, and the Dvd player/burner came back on, no problem.

  5. Randall,
    Happy for you. You missed your calling man. You are greeeeeeeet with computers.
    My hats of to you.



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