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Thursday, March 01, 2007
You know there are always parts of a job that you just dread. And that"s just how it is, so you suck it up.

Well today is one of those days for me.

Somehow I managed to book myself into doing a service at the Hospital in the morning and a service at the care home in the afternoon. I confess to you that I really really really don"t like these things. It feels so, I don"t know, so made up, so phony, like playing church with a crowd of people wheeled into the room against their better judgement, if they were able to communicate their own choices at all.

And I just don"t know if it helps them or gives God room to work or what really.

But I"m trying to remain faithful. Or maybe obedient is a better word. I try to remain obedient and what sometimes happens is that God will show up and I will find my spirit ministered to.

That happened this morning.

And it"s funny how a guy can be up there talking and praying and leading in the singing (Which really is all about the solo anyway), and God shows up and you can sense him through your words and you find encouragement from the words coming out of your mouth, even apart from whatever"s going on out there.

That was nice today, I needed that. I needed Him, and he was there.

Right there in the middle of the stuff I hate to do. God was there.

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  1. That reminds me of a service project that our Bible study group did last Easter. We decided to go visit some care homes in our church's neighborhood to sing for, visit and share cookies with the seniors. I thought for the most part that most of them didn't seem too excited to see us. But afterwards, the lady who organizes the activities for the care homes said that a lot of the people were really touched by our songs because they would be unable to get to church for Easter. It made me realize that even sometimes when you don't feel like God is working, he is.


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