Going well.

Thursday, February 22, 2007
I am growing weary, but my spirit is full, and I am deeply encouraged.

I never took the time to think about what goes into closing down an institution, but it"s huge. There are days it feels like delicate brain surgery, then there are days when it"s just numb, and you walk through what you need to walk through.

I"ve been meeting with people, all kinds of people who work here. And they are moving through levels of grief and loss. Each new day brings a different struggle and a new kind of pain.

Without question there is a deep sense among them all, that they were called here, and that it was a privilege to serve God in these simple, humble ways.

But that"s what discipleship is anyway, isn"t it?»? Serving others?»? Serving the living God, serving our fellow earthlings, serving, caring, helping, meeting needs.

Isn"t that what our leader taught us to do, and be?

Indeed, these people exemplify humble service. It"s been deeply inspiring to listen to their stories these past days. And I come away with my spirit renewed and my hope alive like it hasn"t been for a long time.

Tomorrow I start my journey home, and Saturday I start prepping for Sunday. The First Sunday in Lent.

At least my Spirit feels in good shape, even if I crash Sunday afternoon and don"t wake up till the next day!



  1. Randall, you seem to have been patient through all of this. But then again looks can be decieving. I know these past few days here at CBC have been grueling and even though you seem tired, you have a sense of optimism. Alls I know is that you have kept up a brave front in these difficult times. You have made some of the toughest choices in your life in these last few days regarding different items surrounding the closing of CBC. If I don't see you tomorrow, have a safe trip home.

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