Mission Accomplished. Teachers Appreciated.

I had been checking the weather ever since I left home this morning at 6am. The temperature got progressively worse from -31 then till -33 at 10:00 am when I arrived to be the Recess Supervisor over at PMS.

By the time I arrived the principal had made the executive decision for an indoor recess this morning. I wasn't sure how to take this sudden change. Would I have to shift my plans to rule the yard with an iron fist?

Turns out nope.

Behind every good Recess Supervisor is a team of eager short people who are the recess helpers. They put on huge X-vests, just so that everyone knows who the are (And not that I'm bitter, but why couldn't a Recess Supervisor get an X-Vest too?)

Anyway these short X-Vested Recess Helpers did most of the work. Keeping the kids in their rooms, busy playing games, helping with activities etc. Mostly all I did was walk through the halls slowly, with my hands in my back pockets, looking quite foreboding. Well, until one very short person with a round face came up to me and asked if I was the Recess Supervisor. I roared YES, and off they ran into their little room.

I circulated through the halls about three times. On one rotation, I caught a couple of boys thinking about pulling some switches on the wall and snuck up right behind them and cleared my throat which was enough to take three years off their lives. They ran off down the hall.

And, after fifteen minutes of my Iron Fisted Reign, the bell rang and I was off duty.

I'm proud to say that no one died on my watch.


  1. kinda fun aint it? Going into THE school as THE parent and trying to be all well super-menacing, er visory. I am glad nothing had to be frozen off.
    The teachers over at "my" school are (hopefully) enjoying little spinach and ham quiches and roasted red pepper quiches today...as part of our appreciation.

  2. Thanks for the update, was wondering how you got on..

    you lived to fight another day


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