Urgent: VD Surprises needed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
It dawns on me as I sit here in Council Meeting, that today's date is February 13, 2007. This means that tomorrow is February 14, historically known as the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

The actual dawning realization, is that if we don't wish to see the St. Valentines Day Massacre re-enacted, I need to come up with a Valentines Day Surprise, (Hereby referred to as the VD Surprise).

So, for me and the three guys who read this space, we need some good ideas for VD Surprises.

What are your ideas, insights, and experiences with VD Surprises?

What impressed you, changed your mind, melted your heart?

Just in terms of VD Surprises?

Common, give us a hint here, we are desperate men.


  1. First of al I would stop referring to it as a VD surprise as the negative images that brings to mind I could do without.

    Secondly kick the kids out of the house for the night and call Amys on second and see if they will prepare something for takeout. Buy a bottle of something, stick the fake fire into the DVD player and some soft music and candles and you have a romantic dinner for two without a crowded restaurant.

  2. Yeah, the VD thing may not be the kind of surprise she would appreciate. Try a more romantic name for starters.

    Ahh - she'll get the humor in it and a good laugh is not a bad thing to give her.

    A single red rose is also appropriate. She is the only one for you.

    And then of course there are diamonds.

  3. VD Surprise! BWA HA HA HA! If the kids weren't asleep I'd be busting a gut laughing right now...must resist urge to laugh....must bite tongue. HOOOOOOO!

    You've presented a real opportunity here for a lesser man, but I'll control myself.

    Oh man---too funny. Linea about sums it up. Some surprise that would be.

    Oh man....I can't stop giggling.

    Now Dixie's in on it and sharing my joy...

    Thanks, Randall.

    (Sorry, man, no ideas here...)

  4. I imagine a lot of single people will be getting VD surprises tomorrow night, and in their case, I'd recommend a few over-the-counter creams.

    As far as VD surprises for Lauralea, I'm not the one to ask. Marc gave me (at my recommendation) Mein Kampf for a gift once. And I'm always a sucker for the SaskPower gift certificate... so I guess I'm no help here. I like Peggy's idea, though.

  5. Chlamydia is quite popular these days, and so much longer lasting than those gifts that mere creams remove.


    For the first year ever Chris was too busy to do anything, and I'm very happy for that. My line since getting married is that I don't do valentines day. I buy my wife flowers and other treats at various times of the year, and find VD (a nice commercial prompt from the manufacturers) un-inspiring. I always was non-traditional, but at least I can walk the walk.

  6. Peggy's I dea sounds good. If not then get some roses delivered or something?
    Hope it goes well for all of you

  7. I like flowers. I don't care how big, how many or where they come from. They just cheer me up. The most romantic thing I ever received was the heart shaped toothpick that held his sandwich together. It was a cute gesture over dinner. Sooo, it don't have to be big. Simple and old fashioned always works for me. Have fun you guys. For me, it's a romantic dinner with the kids. No kidding. For years now we've had candles, wine (for me), sparkling applejuice (not for me), chocolates and the like. Nice memories.

  8. You people need to get your minds out of the gutter. Golly gee, why would you take such an innocent, even romantic, abbreviation and make something so vile out of it. I certainly do not find the humour in this. Such potty talk has no place on a blog of this caliber.

    Also, ca ca poo poo.

    Oh, and high 5's are the best gift anyone could ever receive.

  9. 2 words: Mediterranean Cruise.

    : )

    Oh!- together with 2 more words: Spending Money.

  10. Last night before bed, I placed a box of chocolates on the computer desk along with a simple gift and a card so that in the morning when my partner woke up they would find the gift waiting for them.

    Tonight we will be snowed in because it is snowing like mad so going out will not be an issue, unless they cancel classes tonight. I have class at 6:00 p.m. and wont be home until 8. Dinner will be a nice quiet affair and the dvd fireplace will be on ...

    Simple and classy.

    It's the little things that count. Why pay big bucks for food when you can cook it and make it count. or get take out...


  11. Yes, it's the thought that counts. However, I do LOVE stuffed animals but I have so many now that I am giving some of the away to the wee kids at our church. Sriously, I find a beautiful card with the right words, maybe a single red rose and a

  12. You are a phenomenal writer so why not put your feelings for your wife down on the inside of a blank card with a simple yet elegant picture on the front of it. I like the idea of a single flower (whether it be a rose or not) placed across her pillow. I am also thinking get rid of the kids (well, not rid of the kids but temporarily remove them from the house), order something in, candlelight, simple but romantic music and just spend time together.

    Gift certificates for spas and massages are another great plus for a busy woman too but not overly romantic unless you go for a couple weekend get-away to a spa.

  13. You guys are good. Heck, I wish Lauralea would try some of those things out on me!

    As things are progressing this week, due to some sudden urgent work, I've been going full steam since before I posted that. Tonight it looks like its small group meeting, so we'll go to that.

    I did manage to get to the flower store. The first flower I ever bought Lauralea was a yellow carnation. So today I bought her a million budding carnations. I was aiming to pull off the romance of remembering the first flower I got her and use that, but she didn't remember what the first flower was that I had purchased her, so yeah, nice idea.

    Oh well, I tried, and these babies should be as bright as the sun in a few days.


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