How to eat with practically no dishes!

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Well, we made it through another supper, Macaroni and Cheese to be exact, with some leftover overcooked meatloaf. Ahh, love the dry meatloaf.

We have managed to keep the washing dishes to a minimum this week by serving the food in the pot its cooked in, and using paper plates. We also assigned each person a cup for the week with our names written on them, and if you wanted it clean, you washed it and put it on the counter. Some liked clean, others didn't, and there you go.

For breakfast each person washed their own bowls and utensils, which worked out fine too.

So, mostly we washed the utensils and the occasionally used pot or plate used to cook on. Not bad at all.

Maybe I should write a best seller on how to minimize work at the dinner table, then take the money from the sales of the book and purchase a dishwasher.

Then we can argue over who has to fill and empty it every day.


  1. LOL at the idea of the dishwasher, Randall

    that would be an argument to see...

    but I know all about that argument, if the other half is leading the argument, then do not expect to win.

    BUT I'm told it all comes down to serving (do'esnt it?)......

  2. Yeah, that's true Ian.

    We learn more about the gospel from those who serve us, than nearly anybody else.

  3. Welcome to student living :P


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