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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gavin thinks that my picture on the side there makes me look like a middle-aged blogger.

He was able to find one of me a couple of months ago. I'm thinking of using it as my banner image.

It nicely captures the real me I think.

I should be in a Dove comercial.


  1. Ewww.

    May I say, I'm very thankful you don't really look like that?! Muscles like THAT aren't even nice. shudder. Just stay being you. 'Cause I gotta tell ya, if you ever came home looking like that, well... let's just say, you know where the spare room is...

  2. no,no,no, girls or whatever, perfextion is as perfection is.What a hunk ahunk of burning love. You don't see too many of these guys today or any day. Drink in the beuty and wish. WOW!

  3. I don't know what is scarier... the picture or Jean's comment.

  4. Your suit and tie (and even that sweater) hide that body better than you think. Who would have thought! Just keep wearing those suits and spare us from having to hire bouncers at the church door to keep your admirers out. LOL

  5. Hey, what's with you guys?Either someone is wishing they had that kind of body or with the female gender, could snag such a lush bod of a man.What could be mor perfect than that? Randall, you need to take your suit off more often and don a g-string. No?

  6. 8-O Jean

    Don't you know that there is ALWAYS a balance. Thus if you enlarge muscles like that, other parts shrink away (and the evidence is plain to see). It's a well established fact.

    Randall has chosen the better way.


  7. Nice comment toni.....

    LOL at all the comments....

  8. I may have a difficult time thinking of you the same way ever again...grin


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