BBC Interview with Toni and Chris

Thursday, March 15, 2007
Life will sometimes creep up on you and catch you by surprise.

So does death.

Toni and Chris have become fast friends with Lauralea and myself, through this blogging medium, and in person. And it was nearly two years ago that Toni and Chris' daughter Sarah died suddenly in an auto accident. It has been amazing to watch them journey through these years, learning to live with a part of themselves having gone on ahead.

It has been a highlight of my blogging years to be able to get to know them, and their son Ben, and their friends.

Well, BBC Radio Oxford broadcasts a program called Journeys with Mike Beaumont and last Sunday's program included an interview with Toni and Chris, about how their relationship with Jesus played a part in their lives with the loss of their daughter.
It didn't sound like an easy thing to do, but they told their story well, and God was in it.

It brought a few tears to my eyes as I remembered those days, and imagined the pain. But it was a good interview. Honest, insightful, grace filled. Like I said, God was in it.

So if you want to, you can re-listen to the program by clicking here, Journeys with Mike Beaumont.

If too much time has passed and the program is gone, you can listen to Mike Beaumont interview Toni and Chris here.

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