And so it goes, and so it goes...

Saturday, April 28, 2007
And so at 4:35 this afternoon little Olivia Kate Vandersluys entered this world.

A blessed package of joy in a bit of a dreary day.

May God bless you little Olivia with a long, full, and blessed life on this orb. And when you are done here may you find an eternity of joy knowing your Creator, and those who walked through life with you.

Mom and dad are doing well, but especially mom.

Congratulations Vandersluys's.

(Oh, and it's ok if Dixie misses tomorrow on the drums!)


  1. Wow and we thought you would be pretty upset about that...GRIN

  2. I was hoping to get one more Sunday out of her!


  3. So was I. "Blessed be your name" always gave me contractions... I guess I didn't need them this week! (P.S. We just got home.)


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