Prayer Service for George Goulet

Monday, April 30, 2007
Wednesday night at 7 pm at the Prince Albert Apostolic Church (1779-15th Street West) there will be a public wake for George Goulet.

George lived in and belonged to Prince Albert in ways that are not always easy to understand, but he was a part of us. And though his life was not always wonderful or his choices ones we might agree with, he loved Jesus.

We invite you to attend this memorial and to say thank you to God for George.



    He was a man who was loved by some,
    You would see him on the road
    He was often on the run.
    He would take his chances
    Which many would not do;
    But, you see, he had Jesus
    His love for Him was true.
    This little man had a heart of gold,
    He's give away his shirt
    Or so I was told.
    He belonged to every church
    that there are in the city,
    He was welcomed by some
    Out of love or out of pity.
    George had a problem with
    drink, this we know,
    Yet, God understood him,
    He still loved him so.
    It was for him Jesus died
    on that old wooden cross,
    And tho' George had his problems
    He knew that his Lord was Boss.
    The love that he had for others
    I wish were true of me
    And you, for you see,
    George knew his Jesus personally.
    You would see him walking through
    the cold snow;
    Bible tucked under his arm
    He knew where he had to go.
    How many of us wish
    We had fed him a time or two,
    And spent some quality hpurs
    With him, when he was blue?
    Well, the time has come
    Where we must bid him goodbye,
    And tell him too late
    And we'll wonder why-
    We can't be more like Jesus
    Who sees the good in all,
    Like He saw in this man, George,
    Who is now walking strong and tall.

    I love you, George

  2. Thanks Jean, that was great.

    Why don't you bring that along and come out to the wake and share it with the crowd. That would be cool.

  3. Hi Randall,

    Thanks for posting this info. and thank you for organizing this. Thank-you for your ministry and especially your ministry to George. I'm hoping to be there....

    God bless you,


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