Lauralea's on the phone with Graham Kerr

Monday, April 30, 2007
Uh yeah that's what I said, Graham Kerr.

He emailed her, with his own cell phone number, asked her to give him a call when she had a moment.

Yeah, first name basis with the celebs around here, uh huh.

What's been funnier is watching her screw up the courage to call him and fuss about it.

(I think she did her hair first...)

So, now she's talking with him like an old friend from out of town, comparing receipies, strategies for diabetic cooking.

She's still nervous though, keeps clearing her throat...

I told her to say hi from me, a fan from his Galloping Gourmet days. But I don't think that's at the top of her list right now.

She's having a right good old visit now.

But she will post on it when she's come down off the call. (She seems to be saying "Oh thank you" alot)

Cool day indeed. and her cooking blog,

Check em out.

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  1. Now that IS cool. I remember the galloping gourmet from when I was a kid too. That makes Mr. Kerr about 70 something I reckon.

    Big props to Laura.


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