April fools

Sunday, April 01, 2007
Well, it took me a couple of hours to figure out that Gmail had a great joke going.

Paper Mail.

They would send you through regular mail, any email, on paper, that you want to get a hard copy of.

I kinda thought it was cool, for a while.

But then the date dawned on me, and there you go, April Fools.

Below is a copy of their information page with all the data on the "Cool idea."

It was a good one. Nice job Google.

(Click to enlarge)


  1. Hilarious. I didn't see this whole spread, but I did notice the new feature mentioned on the sign-in page. I took it at face value. I wondered if it would cost anything---in fact, felt sure that it had to cost something, at least for those outside the U.S. It never even occurred to me that it was a joke. But now that I know it was, I can't imagine why I would think "hard copies" of emails being sent to me is a) a good idea, no matter what the scenario, and b) not something I can do with my own printer.

    I am such a fool.

  2. Hey,

    The fool line forms behind me.

  3. On April 1, Google also announced their new free wireless internet service through home plumbing. Code-named "Dark Porcelain," Google said its "Toilet Internet Service Provider" (TiSP) works with Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows Vista operating system. But sorry — septic tanks are incompatible with the system's requirements.
    TiSP would be offered in three speeds: Trickle, The No. 2, and Royal Flush.


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