"Art Art, help me Art"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Sorry, thats an old family joke up there in the title, but I couldn't resist...

Well, it's late and I'm ready to go home.

As part of the conference slash shriners convention that we are running here this weekend, I came up with a brainwave to celebrate the diverse creativity we have running through this bunch of people. So I solicited their self made pieces of art to hang on the walls for the weekend.

We got nearly 25 wonderful pieces. Oil and silk and watercolours and photo's and each one is touched with the hand of the Creator. Creativity is overlooked by churches today as a possible way to worship and express one's gifts and devotion to God.

The walls look amazing.

But I didn't think what it would be like hanging 25 pieces of art without putting a hole through the paint.


Thanks to a friends help, we are done, and I am done for.

Off to home and to bed, perchance to sleep.

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