Getting on with a changed life

Sunday, April 08, 2007
We made it back home in fine, turkey stuffed fashion.

It was a good day to be together again.

And tonight, Johanna is somewhere in Minnesota.

Hillary is at her home, packing an apartment of stuff to leave here as she moves on with the rest of her life.

Micah is staying at Mom's for a couple of nights.

And Thomas is downstairs.

And I miss my dad.

My siblings are changing, mostly for the better it seems.

And Mom is trying to get on with life.

But it really is all different, without dad.

I mean, that's just obvious, but its also about not having a suffering, physically broken individual in the house who is in constant need of care and attention.

That's all so different too.

Anyway, just feels a bit melancholic is all.

And I am TIRED, so I'm off to bed.


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