Woooo Hoooo

Big, huge thanks to the individual who dropped off a DVD of "Stranger Than Fiction," and that sweet licorous-y tasting Italian treat, Sambuca.

That's love in any language baby.



  1. Gee that does sound like fun. I wonder who that could have been. I think you should show some Christian Charity and share.

  2. Hey Dont watch it till i get back from Saskatoon! unless its rated R

  3. I watched Stranger than Fiction a few weeks ago -- really enjoyed it. Both Will Farrell and Emma Thompson are brilliant. (I forget what it's rated -- there are a couple of scenes that might not be pre-teen or young-teen appropriate -- not real graphic, but still ...)

  4. Sometimes when funny guys attempt dramatic roles the attempt fails, but I've heard that this effort by Will Farrell compares favourably with Jim Carrey in The Truman Show.

    Will we be seeing a movie review on randallfriesen.com?


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