Happy Birthday Lauralea

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Well, today marked the completion of Lauralea's 44th year on this ball of fun. Or is it the end of the 43rd... I forget. Grandpa would know.

So we hopped into the Velvet Fog and took Hillary home to Saskatoon, then we hit McNally Robinson book store and Starbucks and a Lucky Dollar that sells Mennonite farmer Sausage.

Kind of a low key Birthday, but then again I think we are both a little low key these days. She has caught my sickness and now we are both coughing and hurting with sore throats. Yumm.

And we are still trying to catch up on our sleep, but that might just take some time.

This is always the fun part of year for me, because its the time that she is older than I am. She is 44 and I am a mere baby of 43, and she doesn't forget it!

Interesting to think that I have been with her longer than anyone else on the globe. I'm thinking on the fly here, and the meds are kicking in, but her and I started dating 24 years ago, when we were 19. Her parents had her around till she was 18, maybe 19. But I've been around for 24 years, 21 of those married.

Sheesh, that's some responsibility. To be with someone and to hold back their hair when they throw up and bail them out when the police call late at night. To hold their hands and reach for the things on the top shelf that they can't reach themselves.

That's some realization there...

Course that means she's looked after me the same amount of time.

(But, if you subtract the time during which she was under anaesthetic for various surgery's and C-Sections, and you consider that I have never been under, then one could conclude that I have taken care of her more actual time than she has me.)

But, I digress.

Happy Birthday beautiful. Here's to another 44. (And hey, if you're lucky maybe I'll have a few surgery's and you can catch up!)


  1. Happy Birthday Lauralea.

    We made it here to Germany. It is beautiful here. Looking forward to seeing the sights in Munich today. We haven't spoken to the kids yet but hopefully things are ok there. If you happen to speak to them over there let them know we tried to get them on Skype and miss them lots.

    Thanks for everything and we are definitely thinking of you guys while we are here.

    Peg & Trev

  2. I'd like to hear about the time you bailed her out when the police called late at night.

    And here's to older women married to men younger by them for a few months or days and who hear about it every day of that interlude.

  3. Lauralea,

    The 1st day of the merry month of May
    Wasn't sure but know now.
    As for the Bailing out and POLICE!! Sounds like my household of a few years ago.
    Ah.....the joys of having teens, this to shall pass

    Oh yes...BTW...

    Happy birthday and many more




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