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Monday, April 23, 2007

So, yesterday The Velvet Fog turned over 370002 Kms.

And yes, I have been carrying around the camera so that I could get a picture of four zero's, except that Laurealea took the van on a "Small errand" and I missed the money shot.

I am still impressed with this 1988 Voyager SE MiniVan. She takes a licking and keeps moving.

And I call her the Velvet Fog because we are committed to an ever decreasing Mosquito population, and I'm doing my part.

I would prefer to have a more environmentally friendly car and that's where I am headed.

But I was thinking the other day about my automobile use during my life time.

I've never been one to be agitated about my ride, as long as it gets me from here to there. And I think it's fair to say that I am hopelessly loyal to whatever I am driving at the time. My dad would say that the cheapest car you can have is the one you already own.

And I absolutely cringe at the fact that any car I purchase begins to loose value almost immediately. That just strikes me as a bizarre purchase. I don't know why.

So, early on in my driving life, God and I kinda had a talk. I asked him to take care of the car details because mainly I am not good at buying or selling cars. I really hate all that back and forth stuff and did I get a good deal and will it die when I drive it off the lot, kinds of things.

Then, for the most part, I left it in his hands.

Since then I have owned a total of six cars. That's 21 years worth of owning cars.

Four of those cars have been gifts to me.

For some of the people who gave them, they clearly felt "Led" to give them to me, and for others it was probably a gift of generosity that led them to give the cars to us.

Two of the cars I purchased.

The first one was me feeling rushed or pushing things, so that I could get a new vehicle for a move we needed to make. In frustration I borrowed the money and bought the car. After having it checked out, we got it and it turned out to be a real piece of... lemon. I spent double or triple on that car than the original cost, because of repairs.

The second one was the van we now own, and has been a much better experience for us. Probably because we prayed much about it, found peace about it, were not in a rush for it, and God really led us to it. We are its second owner and have enjoyed having it, a lot.

I think all the money we have ever spent purchasing vehicles comes to just under $5000, so its not like it has broken us financially.

But usually, when the cars start to go south, I start to talk to God about our need. And I am willing to purchase them if need be. I mean, God is well able to give me the money to pay for the cars too, far be it from me to corner him.

I've been talking to him about the Velvet Fog this winter and spring. We are going to have to get something a bit more reliable and, well, warm for the winter.

But this week, with those zero's, that was a big occasion for her, for us. I've been hoping she would see that day. And yesterday she did.

And I wasn't there to celebrate with her.


  1. We drove a Ford Escort wagon to over 250,000 miles (at 190,000 miles we had to get a new engine). I was attached to that car. I learned to drive a stick on it -- while I was driving it off the lot! My sons kept asking questions like "are all manual translations this jerky?". :/ But I got better at it and it was lots of fun to drive. So I understand about keeping a car through its useful life.

  2. That was beautiful. I almost feel sorry for her. Our old Landy had over 600,000 kms on her when we sold her.


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