15 more sleeps

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You know, with a hopeful deadline a couple of weeks down the road, and a trip away, you would think I would be getting all, "Yes inner strength, we've nearly made it, this is getting good."

But it isn't. It's getting harder.

I am tired. Mentally, emotionally, relationally.  The Rolaids bottle is my constant companion. Sleep escapes me.

I'm trying to keep up at work with a few extra things I need to be doing.

But the most difficult is trying to figure out the things for the trip.

Kind of overwhelming is all.

People here are feeling the stress of the future separation too.

I'm trying to shift into a more reflective mode, trying to re-align for the journey. But the gears are grinding madly.

I really hope the end result is worth the process used to get there.


  1. I hope you guys have an absolutely wonderful time and look forward to reading about your experiences; we live vicariously through your travels this Spring.

    Rest and rejuvenate!

  2. "IĆ¢€™m trying to keep up at work with a few extra things I need to be doing."

    This is a part of the trouble, but I understand you can't just walk away from a church. Or indeed a course of study with deadlines.

    Don't be surprised if, once you've stopped, re-starting is very slow, difficult and uncomfortable to do. Don't think you mustn't therefore stop either - there doesn't seem to be a special grace or honour for those that kill themselves for their ministry. I'll pray God's grace for you guys.

  3. Thank you, Toni. Looking forward to being with you.

    : )


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