Friday Night Tired

Friday, June 01, 2007
Just quickly checking and responding to email before I get to bed.

I'm tired tonight, it's been a weird, emotional week.

I had an emotionally challenging moment when an extravagant gift was given me. I was overwhelmed by grace and love.

I had someone communicate to me quite clearly, that I really don't meet their needs and they don't get anything from my ministry. Then later in the week I received some affirmation from another individual whom I never expected it from, so that's a wash.

I did the service at the hospital and we had a yeller. Oh, and a leaver. Or attempted leaver. One of her wheels was locked so all she could do was go in circles...

Less than two weeks till we leave, and I still have to get a flight to Calgary and a taxi from the Glasgow airport to the B&B...

And one baby dedication, next Sunday morning. And one baptism, at the lake, probably next Sunday. Grad Sunday after that, Fathers Day I think.

Fathers Day... the last day we spent with dad last year...

And tonight I was helping the Vandersluys' move homes. I always figured that is a real test of a friendship and maybe even the test of a good church, if they help you move. That's sacrifice and service and friendship. I always figured anyway.

(They still have a bit to move tomorrow if you are free a bit and can help)

So I think it's the shower and bed for me.

Tomorrow I still have some things to get ready for Sunday.

Yeah, what a week.



  1. Yeah you bet.

    It was kinda sweet that all the heavy stuff, like the Piano in the basement, had already been moved!!!

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