Victimless Crime?

Saturday, June 09, 2007
This morning as I went out to see if the van would start to go to work, I noticed that the drivers door was wide open.

Gross. Somebody's been in the van in the night again.

At least there's nothing left to steal, well, for the most part.

There is that Spice Girls tape in there...

Anyway, I looked inside it and couldn't see anything moved or gone through. Everything seemed in place.

When they opened the door it must have triggered the motion sensitive switch on the house lights, and they will have ran for their little lives.

That's one for us. Seven for them.

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  1. Hey, we had those visitors to our place too. They managed to get all of dear husband's smaller tools which were in cloth bags. Nice and handy to carry and all.

    The only night in the past 4 months he didn't lock the shed door!!!

    Police said it has been an extraordinary weekend, crime wise.

    I just hope they put those tools to good use, like fixing your van or something. I like to think they may have been attempting to do just that when the light sensor came on at your place and got them running.



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