What if a pagan/new age/agnostic/atheist/whatever came to your church?

Saturday, June 09, 2007
What if a talk show host arranged for two pagan/new age/agnostic/atheist/whatever people to visit five churches during the month of June, and give their opinions based on their non-churched experience.

What if, indeed.

It is happening, and so far it's quite a cool thing to hear their responses.

Makes me do a rethink on those little Financial Update boxes some churches have in their weekly programs.

And of course, they are blogging their impressions and keeping score.

Check it out. The Five Churches Experiment.
via Brad.

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  1. I have mixed emotions after reading about their first visit. There are things I would like to comment, but I just do not want to be part of a debate with someone who's mind is made up and so focused with such a coveting view of the "technological toys" that help many churches each week.

    I tried to have an objective view, but my beliefs and view of worldly ways certainly had me seeing trends in that post.


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