We are ok, worry not.

Friday, June 29, 2007
Your emails have indicated some worry.

We are off to London for the day TODAY.

Sober really when we think of yesterdays bomb scare, two cars loaded with explosives.

And sorry for those of you freaked out by the news, thinking we were there yesterday.

That the bombs in London today were found is a gift of life for someone I suppose. An amazing grace.

Today the only thing we have to work around is a TON of people downtown London today. There is a gay pride march in Trafalger Square, where we are going.

They're expecting half a million gays, and us.



  1. Glad to hear you are safe .Take care today...remember no banner-waving antics at the parade!! See you on Wed. Mom

  2. micah told me you were there yesterday... got me all worried... glad to hear your ok.

  3. You should have heard Hillary when I stepped back into the office after lunch yesterday. Poor girl! And you weren't even there!

  4. I almost died in London....slipped in the road outside of buckingham palace and a taxi missed me by about 5 cm.

    So, have a good time!
    And I hope you don't get sick again!

  5. Mom. remember, dont join in to the parade, only walk beside them and hold hands if you need to get people from folowing you. se you wensday. Micah


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