We are well.

Friday, June 29, 2007
Yes it's true we are back amongst the living.

Iona was truly a wonderful delight, and the ocean was amazing. I've never lived near, or visited the sea, but it is an amazing place. Each morning found me more curious to see what the sea looked like that day. It certainly not a static thing at all, but changes each morning and throughout the day. It was a very pleasant surprise. And, it was indeed a thin place.
Glasgow was, well, compared to Iona, it was a heavy, thick place. For reasons that go back in time, it just was.

And now we are north of Oxford, in Toni and Chris town.
We spent the day in Oxford today, and (Marc) we had a pint at the old Eagle & Child, (for you mate).

Tomorrow we will be in London for a bit of seeing the sights, then Sunday here getting to meet some of you who read this space. Which I'm looking forward to.

Monday we begin towards Glasgow again. We will stop a night at Lauralea's ancestral home town, Kendal. Wednesday we fly home.



  1. Yeah, the ocean is amazing. No matter which ocean. Whenever I’ve been next to that kind of watery moving vastness, it has had an amazing effect on me. I could live by the ocean – but here I am on the prairies.

  2. Glad it's going well.

    I continue to live vicariously through friends and acquaintances when it comes to the real life Eagle & Child. You'll have to tell me all about it (and the rest of the trip) some Friday morning when you get back.

  3. The sea. Reminds me of the band Iona's song "Beyond These Shores" and all their other songs about stuff like that.

    May God restore what the locusts have eaten. May the journey be complete.


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