Well, it's nearly here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Probably a trip of a life time.

Tomorrow morning we start our journey to an Island off the west coast of Scotland.

A place where God has been meeting with people for hundreds and thousands of years.

A place where Columba landed and made his home base from which to launch Christianity into the north of what would become the British Isles.

But in terms of reality, people here in Prince Albert are fighting back water in their basements. It's so discouraging having water running in your basement. We've lived through that ourselves. So don't forget them.

And it looks like our kids have a place to stay, and we have people staying at our house while we're gone, so it should be all right.

Blogging might be light for a bit this week, although I've timed a couple of posts to pop up on certain days.

And I'm looking forward to exploring this space again as I enter into my Sabbatical time. In fact I'm kinda excited about it.

So yeah, here we go.

Blessings on you all.


  1. We already look forward to your return, but may that date feel to you like it's an eternity away...

    Take care.

  2. My prayers go with you and Lauralea. I'm sure it will be a wonderfully refreshing time for you.

  3. where did my comment that I posted earlier go?


  4. Well, it looks like you'll be up in 3 hours starting the trip. And I probably should've been in bed 3 hours ago...

    Hope you guys have an amazing time and get out of it just what you need!! Take care. You'll be in our prayers. And we'll keep an eye on your kids too.

  5. Morning all

    Jeremy, sorry I can't find a record of a comment, maybe the Internet hit a speed bump.

    and yeah, it's 3:40 and we are off.

    take care, and thanks for everything.

  6. A little late, but have a good trip guys. See you in 8 days.

  7. Ya, I'm late with this too. Enjoy yourselves you two. Hope you don't have to stop too many times for coffee before you arrive in Calgary;-)

  8. May you experience God in a close way on your Celtic retreat.


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