Fathers Day 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007
Started with me waking up suddenly from a dream where I was worshipping God, progressed to me nearly falling into the bathtub because for whatever reason, I was dizzy this morning.

I got up early, so I headed off to McDonalds alone for breakfast and did some thinking about my dad and grandpa, and last years fathers day and how tough it was for me.

Went to church and had a good morning. This was our last Sunday before the Sabbatical which begins on Wednesday. What isn't good about that?!?
My daughter gave me a great card. My other daughter, who forgot it was Fathers Day, MSNed me because she always does when she's having a bad day and never when she's having a good day, but today she was having a good day.

I ordered a pizza for supper and it took an hour and a half to arrive. I was ticked until the delivery guy, who was about my age, arrived in absolutely pouring rain and tried communicating to me in broken English.

I tipped him anyway.

And now I just finished a game of C.O.D. with my son's and my brother. We haven't done that for a loooong time and it was fun.

Happy Father's Day to you biological or emotional or spiritual father's out there.

It's a tough job. That's why they gave it to us.

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