What's lost is Found

Monday, June 11, 2007
When there is a message waiting for me from the local police establishment, I usually get nervous while I dial the return number.

This time it was our local boys (and girls) in blue doing their best to bring justice to this city. They had found my cell phone.


I got myself downtown and sure enough, it was in pristine condition, even had the temporary plastic cover still on the screen.

That is a cool ending to a frustrating story.

Now, as I looked through the numbers dialled, I saw the numbers she had tried to call after she had the phone. Even with the connection turned off, she had tried to make calls, and her attempts are all recorded there for me to see.

Looks like she finally realized the phone was off, by evening on that Sunday.

Oh, and in terms of the lost being found and much rejoicing in the land...

Last week a part of my frustration was the loss of a usb key which I use to back up my data on the computer. I keep it in a specific place where it is most difficult to find, but last week I had it in my dress pants a bit, and it fell out somewhere.

I was ok with that, it's only back up after all. Till I realized that a file containing my passwords and important credit data had been inadvertently included in the back up process and was on that usb key. And it was unlocked at the time.

Que the Freak out.

I mean really, freak out time.

I spent hours changing passwords and other various things as I could.

On Sunday at church, one of the ladies I had been to visit last week came up to me dangling the USB Key from her hand. My name was on it and she had found it while raking her lawn!!!

Good grief, was I thankful. Like you don't know how I was thankful.

Both things I had prayed about, and honestly, both things I had given up any chance of finding.

I had a bit of hope, but faith? Not much.

But here it is, a week of three lost things being returned to me, on the same day.

The timing, too weird to be coincidence.

There is a lesson in there some place for me.


  1. That's great news. Must be a huge weight off your shoulders.

  2. I think the lesson was about trust..

    Enjoy your holiday in this country.....


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