Yep, U-Pick-Steak

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
You may have been to or seen those U-Pick Berry farms where you go and pick buckets of your favourite fruit, then pay a discounted price for your hand picked treasure?

Well, now you can pick your own steak too.
WATROUS — If a steer could somehow whistle, twiddle his hooves and just blend into the background, it seems as if this one would as rancher Ivan Allin approaches and looks him over.
“This fella here is starting to get a lot of flesh over the front shoulder, bulging in the neck and full in the rear,’’ the rancher explains. “He will probably grade AA and that means there will be some marbling in your steak, which will add to its tenderness and juiciness.’’
In as little as 40 days, Allin says, he could have the animal packaged and in your freezer — that is, if you like what you see. It’s not a traditional take on “you-pick’’ food, but Allin is looking to carve out a niche for himself and his third-generation century farm among consumers who are increasingly aware of what they eat and how far food travelled to get to the table. The hope is that enough people will want to know where their roasts and hamburger comes from that they will stop by Allin’s U-Pick Steak Farm, about 100 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, and check it out.

I take my U-Picked-Hat off to him.

So what's next, U-Pick wise?

If you want U-Picked-Steak, check out his site: 


  1. A challenge for Marc et al.

    "Lets meet the meat"

    Name me the book.

  2. A little "Restaurant at the End of the Universe," a la Douglas Adams there.

  3. Ah yes. I wouldn't have guessed it, though.


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