British Ways

Thursday, July 05, 2007
Having just spent two weeks on "The Island" I think I am more confounded now than I was before we went.

While we were in the United Kingdom, we experienced the changing of the Prime Minister, two terrorist bomb threats in London, one attack on the airport we arrived and left from, (Glasgow,) the release of Allan Johnston, major flooding in the country, and British television.

Some questions I have.

So, why the love with things wallpapered?

It's getting better now, but many of the spaces we were in were wallpapered, even the ceilings. Why is that?

Why two taps with two water faucets?  Either you get all hot or all cold. Why is that?

Why no screens on the windows that open up?

Why 35 daily newspapers? And some of them I learned while reading on the train, include for your daily consumption, topless ladies. (I mean of course that they had no clothing on their upper bodies. Believe me when I say they had tops...)

Why wearing shoes inside, on top of carpets?

My resulting perceptions include a nation that loves to read, is either hot or cold and not lukewarm, with a national libido that needs a bit of a boost each morning, with no mosquitoes to keep out, and they know how to keep things as things, living and using them well.

Not a bad place at all. And beautiful toboot.

I'd go back. easily.


  1. Welcome back. Glad you stayed safe.

  2. we don't have screens on the windows here, either....and it's not really a problem until you're having dinner at someone's house and you need the windows open for a breeze and the light attracts the bugs and dead flies start falling into your food.

    that's when it kinda gets gross and you turn out the lights and put up a candle or two.


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