A most interesting means of travel

Friday, July 06, 2007
(Somewhere over Hudson's Bay)

The couple in front of us, are obviously in love.

She, flirting with him as she leans all the way over him to look out the window he's sitting next to. The smile on her face and the look in her eyes shows her to be teasing, looking for a reaction more than she's looking for a view.

He's in love too and won't let her get away with it. He grabs her and holds her, tickling just a bit as she gives in to his arms, laughing with her eyes, loving with her quiet words...

Behind me sits an older lady, travelling by herself. She seems a bit bored so she has decided to redo her nails.

No sooner had she opened a bottle of pink nail polish and an attendant was at her side. He communicated in a way that would convince me of the value of jumping off of a bridge, that could the sweet dear not do that just now. She was delighted to comply. He is good.
Beside us is the sad part of this flight. A family on vacation.

Mom, quiet, moving, sitting exactly where the large loud husband wants her to sit. Two small children, too quiet and sombre for their ages, do exactly as dad tells them. Something is not right as soon as I see them.

He playing the part of the good dad, checking for their comfort and they saying nothing.

He checking the rating on the movies to be shown, to make sure that his kids can view them safely. Then moving to a row of empty seats in front of the screen, coaxing his kids to come and join him for the good view. They remain stoically in their seats, not wanting a good view with him.

The refreshment cart comes and I begin to catch a glimpse into the life of this family.

He orders two bottles of wine and numerous other smaller bottles which he mixes, then drinks quickly.

Within moments he is loosing control of his functions. Supper comes and he cannot seem to use his fork, so he uses his hands, food falling everywhere. He gets up to walk, food all over his seat and floor and self.

As he staggers to the washroom I notice the family shrinking quietly into their seats, wishing they could just disappear.

The attendants have already observed him and are watching him for signs of trouble. Finally dad returns unable to walk straight. He falls partially into the seats beside me and passes out.

Another wonderful family vacation, complete with lifetime reminders of a dad who loves enough to take you on a plane to Scotland, then passes out laying in his own supper, with his dead feet tripping people in the aisle.

God be with them.

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