Kate Rusby

Thursday, July 12, 2007

While we were on Iona poking around the Iona Community Bookshop, (where I was loading up on books not easily purchased here on this side of the Orb,) we heard a sweet voice singing over the in shop stereo. It was a young female voice singing strongly the folk songs of the area.

I asked who it was and was introduced to the musician Kate Rusby.


We promptly bought a cd then and there and have been listening to it ever since.

As one reviewer put it, and I would agree, her songs make one weak in the knees.

You can see her at http://www.katerusby.com

Here is a YouTube version of her song "The Goodman" and here she is singing her song, "Underneath the Stars."



  1. She sounds great! I'll have to listen to some more stuff.

    Judging by those two clips, you guys might enjoy American folkster Patty Griffin (YouTube). She went hard alternative rock with her album Flaming Red, but I'm pretty sure everything else is pretty folksy.

  2. Really nice. Thanks for new musical suggestion.


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