Sabbatical three weeks in

Friday, July 13, 2007
Last night I mentioned to Lauralea that we were three weeks into our break. That is the normal amount of time my summer holidays would consist of. I told her that if this was a normal summer, we would be done our break already and I was so glad there was more to come because I really am not ready to get back at it.

The Sabbatical has been going well to date.

The ultimate Spiritual retreat to the Isle of Iona, continuing to see my Spiritual Director, working around the house, so far has been a great rest.

I've also been doing some "Fun" reading, and that's been sweet.

This weekend will begin the Educational component of my break. I have a number of books to read through before I need to be in Chicago next weekend, and some of them will be easier to read than others.

There are some things I need to have written about too, and of course the continuing Spiritual Direction meetings.

I am kinda not ready for that, but I will do my best. I am way better than if I had gone into the schooling with out the previous break, that's for sure.

So, yeah, sabbatical three weeks in looks good and on track.

I am a most blessed man indeed.

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