Living with terrorism

Monday, July 09, 2007
It is an odd feeling that overtakes you when you think tomorrow we will go to the big city and see the sights and a few hours after thinking that thought cars loaded with explosives are found in the area you were thinking of entering.

It it not fear exactly, but more of a sickening realization that there are people out there who would be pleased if you were dead due to their work and sacrifice.

It was a great blessing from the God that I serve that no one died last week in the UK.
I imagine it was a great sadness to the God that the terrorists serve that they failed.

You don't die for a cause because you hate someone, you are willing to die for a cause because you believe in something. You are convinced it is the right thing to do, or that you will be serving a higher purpose, God if you will. And that makes it so much more dangerous.

It looks like those arrested in the UK and elsewhere for the attempted killings last week were trained Doctors. "Reasonable" people. Not people without hope or jobs or hungry, but people who we may think should not be as susceptible to such drastic ideology.

They have worked as Doctors and caregivers, and been quite caring and compassionate with their patients. Which makes the attacks all the more shocking.

The attack on the Glasgow airport happened as the Scottish school children were beginning their summer holidays. There would be many extra of them at the airport going away on vacation. Some believe the timing was not accidental, but deliberate.

I imagine these attacks will continue for some time, perhaps getting worst before they get better, if they ever will. We may have opened the proverbial Pandora's Box by now, and find ourselves unable to go back in time.

More and more we will need to be known by what we believe, and our actions will make those belief's clear. Just as these "Terrorists" actions have shown us what they believe.

In the days ahead may our faith in God be more about whom we love than about who we hate. And may the God we serve bring us towards love and life, rather than death and destruction.


The attack on the Glasgow airport happened on Saturday and by Tuesday when we arrived for our flight out, the place was still swarming with police with very big guns. We still could not get close to the building by bus and had to walk in with our luggage.

The smell in the darkened Airport was what caught your attention right away.

The acrid odour of burned petrol and rubber and building. It chilled to the bone.

A couple of pictures taken.

Even at 5am they were hard at it, installing new safety measures.

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